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SELECT count(property_transactions.`id`) as total FROM `property_transactions` LEFT JOIN `property_transaction_types` ON property_transactions.transaction_type_id = property_transaction_types.id LEFT JOIN `users` ON property_transactions.listing_agent_id = users.id INNER JOIN `properties` ON property_transactions.property_id = properties.id LEFT JOIN `property_images` ON property_transactions.id = property_images.transaction_id AND property_images.default_image = '1' LEFT JOIN `property_types` ON properties.property_type_id = property_types.id LEFT JOIN `address_book` AS `agent_address` ON users.default_address_id = agent_address.id INNER JOIN `address_book` ON properties.address_id = address_book.id LEFT JOIN `zones` ON address_book.zone_id = zones.id WHERE 1 AND address_book.suburb = 'The Quarry' AND (property_transactions.transaction_type_id NOT IN (2,5,6,7)) AND (property_transactions.status = 'active' AND property_transactions.transaction_date IS NULL) AND (property_transactions.status != 'canceled' AND property_transactions.status != 'paused')